Today I turn 39 years old.  My three-year-old says I’m “so so old” as she spreads her arms as wide as they can go.  I have always hated my birthday in the past, I don’t like getting older, I’ve equated it with getting slower, fatter, grumpier and achier.  As you get older, life beats you down.  Dealing with toddler tantrums, relationships with friends and family, body injuries and soul injuries.  It gets overwhelming and it’s exhausting.  But, there is a decision that must be made at some point in life.  If you are heading towards 40 and look around you, you'll notice that we are all in the same boat.  No one gets to 40 without scars from life, some are luckier than others, but we all have our scars. 

There comes a point where you need to decide if you’re going to make this life amazing or if you’re just going to let it run its course.  For me, it came as an emotional trauma that changed me over night.  My life has done a 180 degree about face. Instead of watching I’m doing, instead of sleeping in I’m waking early, instead of walking I’m running.  I’ve left my 20’s and early 30’s in the past the way a snake sheds its skin. I have left behind the fear, anxiety and self-doubt in a pile on the side of the trail.  

Year 39 is a new beginning.  In year 39 I’ll climb mountains, I’ll run till my body is exhausted and I’ll ski down hills that make my legs wobble in fear.  I’ll love more, laugh more and live more than I have in the past 38 years.  Because,  I now understand what life has been trying to teach me all these years, I am strong enough to take on anything that it puts in front of me.