I listen to podcasts a lot, in the car, when I’m running and when I’m cooking supper, here is a list and small blurb on my 5 favorite podcasts.


1.     Science of Ultra – Ultra Marathon and Trail Running Expertise

·      This podcast is hosted by Shawn Bearden PhD. 

·      All of the guests on the podcast are incredibly knowledgeable.  Most are Doctors, Researchers, high level athletes and coaches

·      Podcast episodes last between 45min to an hour, which is a great length for listening to on a run.

·      This podcast is incredibly educational for anyone looking to get into some longer distance running.  I’ve learned a lot on recovery, genetics, nutrition ect.


2.     Trail Runner Nation

·      This podcast still has a lot of great content without quite as much pure science. 

·      The hosts are funny and discuss great running topics with Dr’s, coaches and athletes.

·      Another great podcast if you are looking to get into some longer trail running.  They have great tips and tricks if you are on your way to Ultra.


3.     True Calling Project – Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life

·      A great podcast if you are looking to make changes in your life.  The host is a psychotherapist and former military.  He has some good guests that who discuss how they ended up in their careers.

·      I have found the best episode so far was episode 18 (How we can stop pursuing the “thing”)


4.     Outside Podcast

·      The outside Podcast is a series of different outdoor related stories.  Many are based on stories that have been written in Outside magazine

·      These stories run 20-45 minutes


5.     Stuff you should know

·      This podcast hosted by Chuck and Josh discusses everything from science to music, from history to pop culture and pretty much every topic in between.

·      I’ve been listening to Josh and Chuck for years and they have so many random interesting podcasts.

·      There are commercials in the newer episodes, but they didn’t have commercials in the first several years.  Also, if you are new to this podcast you will have a ton of episodes to choose from!

I hope you give one or all of these podcasts a try and enjoy them as much as I have.